Hey, guys, this is TjsWorld2011/Tjdrum2000 again with another wiki. This one is dedicated to documenting my fanon projects not including those such as Tj's World or PuffRuff School. Originally, I documented this kind of stuff on my Tj's World Wiki (my first fanon wiki for one of my fanon series), but I realized there would be much more consistency if I moved everything unrelated to Tj's World to individual wikis. You can probably guess the rest.


PS: Everything you will see on this wiki is fake. Don't get tricked into thinking it's real.

Rules (PLEASE READ!)Edit

  1. No vandalism or personal attacks allowed.
  2. Language and content must be kept moderately clean. Basically, just keep it nowhere further than the average PG or PG-13 rating.
  3. If you see any sockpuppet accounts on this site, please report them to Tjdrum2000 IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Vandalism is outlawed on this wiki. If you vandalize a page and/or vandalize other pages, you will be blocked. And absolutely NO Wikia contributors looking for a wiki to spam.
  5. PLEASE do not spam the categories of every page by putting the title of this wiki in as a category, because it is unnecessary.
  6. If you violate ANY of these rules, you will be blocked. If you do something VERY bad (i.e. vandalize too many pages), you may be blocked indefinitely.
  7. Have fun! :D


NOTE: This section is still under construction.

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