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TjsWorld2011 Wikia

F2 Studio is an American graphic design studio and production company based in San Francisco, California, founded in 1993 by graphic artist Moon. It has produced music videos and artwork for bands and artists such as 6 Feet Underground, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Beatfreaks, Boards of Canada, the Chemical Brothers, Deftones, Fatboy Slim, the New, Plaid, Primal Scream, Radiohead, the Smashing Pumpkins, Stereolab, and UNKLE.


Music videos

Year Artist Title
1996 Autechre "C/Pach"
LFO "Shut Down"
1997 6 Feet Underground "Asking for a Friend"
Aphex Twin "Fingerbib"
Beatfreaks "Square One"
"The Genesis"
1998 Stereolab "Parsec"
Primal Scream "If They Move, Kill 'Em"
Boards of Canada "Rue the Whirl"
1999 UNKLE "The Knock"
Plaid "Little People"
6 Feet Underground "Just for Kicks"
The New "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Stereolab "Infinity Girl"
2000 The Chemical Brothers "Music:Response"
Beatfreaks "Funk 2000"
Radiohead "The National Anthem"
2001 Beatfreaks "The Time Is Now!"
2002 6 Feet Underground "The Secret"
Beatfreaks "Take the Subway"
2003 Deftones "Bloody Cape"

More coming soon!